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vctrs 0.3.0

This version features an overhaul of the coercion system to make it more consistent and easier to implement. See the Breaking changes and Type system sections for details.

There are three new documentation topics if you’d like to learn how to implement coercion methods to make your class compatible with tidyverse packages like dplyr:

Reverse dependencies troubleshooting

The following errors are caused by breaking changes.

Breaking changes

Type system

Compatibility and fallbacks

Vector operations


Indexing and names


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vctrs 0.2.4

vctrs 0.2.3

vctrs 0.2.2

vctrs 0.2.1

Maintenance release for CRAN checks.

vctrs 0.2.0

With the 0.2.0 release, many vctrs functions have been rewritten with native C code to improve performance. Functions like vec_c() and vec_rbind() should now be fast enough to be used in packages. This is an ongoing effort, for instance the handling of factors and dates has not been rewritten yet. These classes still slow down vctrs primitives.

The API in 0.2.0 has been updated, please see a list of breaking changes below. vctrs has now graduated from experimental to a maturing package. Please note that API changes are still planned for future releases, for instance vec_ptype2() and vec_cast() might need to return a sentinel instead of failing with an error when there is no common type or possible cast.

Breaking changes

New features

Other features and bug fixes