slackr 3.3.1

slackr 3.3.0

User-facing changes:

Backend changes:

slackr 3.2.2

slackr 3.2.1

slackr 3.2.0

slackr 3.1.1

slackr 3.1.0

slackr 3.0.1

Fixes to a couple of bugs * Updated error handling for edge cases when you supply a username with a user token. * Removes references to purrr, since it’s GPL. * Updates the vignettes

slackr 3.0.0

Lots of breaking changes in this release: * bot_user_oauth_token has been removed entirely in favor of token * slackr_history now has message_count as it’s first argument * Adding the capability to pass the thread_ts parameter to all slackr_* functions (i.e. allowing you to reply to a message in a thread) * Adding reply_broadcast capability in slackr and slackr_msg * Adding title and initial_comment parameters for all functions relying on the files.upload endpoint (basically everything except for slackr, slackr_bot, slackr_msg, slackr_history, and slackr_delete) * slackr and slackr_bot now use reprex::prex() in the background, which means that they no longer throw errors the same way as they did before. slackr will try to be helpful in telling you what went wrong if your prex output contains an error (instead of posting), but it isn’t guaranteed to work all of the time. You can prevent this behavior by setting the SLACKR_ERRORS environment variable to "IGNORE".

Other changes: * Significant improvements to documentation, which now aligns with Slack API descriptions * Significant internal overhauls of how the functions call the API

slackr 2.4.1

slackr 2.4.0

slackr 2.3.0

slackr 2.2.0

slackr 2.1.3

slackr 2.1.2

slackr 2.1.1

slackr 2.1.0

slackr 2.0.2

slackr 2.0.1

slackr 2.0.0

slackr 1.5.0

slackr 1.4.3

slackr 1.4.2

slackr 1.4.1