shiny.fluent 0.4.0

  1. Upgraded @fluentui/react to 8.118.2.
  2. Upgraded shiny.react dependency to 0.4.0 that uses React 18.3.1.

shiny.fluent 0.3.0

  1. Added ThemeProvider component (#47).
  2. Added ShimmeredDetailsList component (#34).
  3. All .shinyInput wrappers now have a sensible debounce consistent with vanilla Shiny (#130).
  4. Added update functions for all buttons (#12).
  5. Dropdown.shinyInput now supports multiselection (#42).

shiny.fluent 0.2.2

  1. Make the behavior of DatePicker.shinyInput with value = NULL consistent with vanilla Shiny (#118).

shiny.fluent 0.2.0

This is the first public release, with several big interface changes:

  1. Removed withReact(). Components now work without it!
  2. Added .shinyInput suffix to components with interface modified to match vanilla Shiny inputs. The corresponding components without the suffix now expose unaltered React interface.
  3. Changed naming convention to camelCase.
  4. Added setInput() and triggerEvent() helpers.

shiny.fluent 0.1.0

Initial release made available to the early access group.