Scryfall archives Magic cards in 17 languages (including some unofficial languages).

Each card indicates its language in the lang column using an ISO-like code. When available, cards may also include their printed text in printed_name, printed_type_line, and printed_text columns.

Please note that Oracle text is always English, per game rules. Cards printed in non-English languages are a translation of the Oracle text at the time the card was printed, but these texts do not receive errata.

Support for multiple languages in older sets is limited. Scryfall is expanding this data slowly over time.

The current languages are:

Code Printed Code Language Cards
en en English 63,650
es sp Spanish 33,722
fr fr French 34,481
de de German 33,837
it it Italian 34,135
pt pt Portuguese 30,134
ja jp Japanese 36,485
ko kr Korean 14,076
ru ru Russian 19,643
zhs cs Simplified Chinese 28,235
zht ct Traditional Chinese 21,530
he Hebrew 1
la Latin 1
grc Ancient Greek 1
ar Arabic 1
sa Sanskrit 1
ph ph Phyrexian 9