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The purpose of sampsizeval is to perform sample size calculations for the validation of risk models for binary outcomes.


The development version can be installed from GitHub with:

# install.packages("devtools")


This is an example of a sample size calculation to validate a risk model for a binary outcome. The anticipated values of the outcome prevalence and the C-statistic are p=0.1 and C=0.75, respectively.

{r example} library(sampsizeval)

The target is to calculate the size of the validation data so as to estimate the C-statistic, the Calibration Slope and the Calibration in the Large with sufficient precision. In this example, the required precision is reflected by a SE of the estimated C-statistic of at most 0.025, and SE of the estimated Calibration Slope and Calibration in the Large of at mos 0.1.

sampsizeval(p=0.1, c=0.75, se_c=0.025, se_cs =0.1, se_cl = 0.1)

The recommended sample size is 1536 observations.