Intro to Shiny App

Jeremy Wildfire


Intro Vignette

The safetyGraphics shiny app provides an easy-to-use shiny interface for creating shareable safety graphics for any study. This vignette provides an overview of the app’s functionality, shows how to initialize the app with your own study data, and provides links to technical resources explaining how to customize the app.

safetyGraphics Demo

A demo of shiny application using data from the {safetyData} package is hosted here. The app can also be initialized with the safetyGraphicsApp() function in the R console - see Appendix 1 for details.

Let’s take a quick look at the various pages in the app.

Home Tab

A home page has a basic overview of the app.

Mapping Tab

The Mapping tab is used to tell charts which data columns and fields to use for various chart components.

This mapping process makes it easy to re-use charts across many different studies. You can see previews of the loaded data using the checkbox at the top of the page. The demo data has 3 data domains (labs, adverse events (aes) and demographics (dm)), but others can be added as well. The mapping tab is automatically filled in for common data standards, like the ADaM data shown here, but can also be filled in manually for non-standard data.

Filtering Tab

The Filtering tab allows users to interactively select which participants to include in charts.