R package for the automatic creation of doxygen documentation for source code in R packages.

It’s based on cmbarbus answer to this stackoverflow question.


:exclamation: To use rdoxygen you need a working installation of the system program doxygen.

You can install the development version of rdoxygen with devtools via

if(!require('devtools')) install.packages('devtools')


To setup and afterwards update your doxygen documentation, you can simply run


in your package root directory. doxy() calls doxy_init() if there’s no Doxyfile (doxygen configuration file) yet. Otherwise it just updates the documentation.

The package provides a RStudio Addin named rdoxygenize that binds to the function doxy(). doxy() can therefore be called with a keyboard shortcut (I personally use CTRL+SHIFT+-). This makes the user experience comparable to roxygen2 documentation via devtools::document() (usually CTRL+SHIFT+D).

doxy_edit() allows to change settings in the Doxyfile. For example to also include private elements, you can call

doxy_edit(options = c("EXTRACT_PRIVATE" = "YES"))


rdoxygen is released under the GNU General Public Licence, version 2. Comments and feedback are welcome, as are code contributions.