quanteda.textmodels 0.9.7

Fixes the compilation errors caused by changes to the TBB library and RcppParallel. This version links to quanteda v4.0 that does not rely on RcppParallel.

Also fixes some minor method class and methods signature issues caught by the improved CRAN checks in the forthcoming R v4.

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.6

Remedies the problems that led to the package being archived on Mar 15, 2023, so that it would be restored to CRAN.

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.5

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.4

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.3

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.2

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.1

quanteda.textmodels 0.9.0