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Package allows to download current and historical METAR weather reports and decode basic parameters.

METAR weather reports source web pages

The main functions scrap data from the below web pages:

  1. For current reports, the function metar_get:
  1. For historical reports, the function metar_get_historical:

Please take into consideration that the can block too frequent requests for data due to the server overload.

Locations of METAR stations

Information about the locations of the METAR stations / ariports were taken from two sources:

  1. The first choice is the file from created by David Megginson.
  2. If information can’t be found, the second source is searched, the ADDS Station Table prepared by Greg Thompson NCAR/RAP. The file is available on the web page of Aviation Weather Center from NOAA National Weather Service

The both above data sources are in the public domain.

Package pmetar is for extracting and parsing information, from current or historical METAR reports, only.

Don’t use it for flight planning or navigation!


CRAN version


Get the development version from github:

# install.packages("devtools")