mixvlmc 0.2.1

This release has no visible changes and fixes internal issues:

mixvlmc 0.2.0

Breaking changes

New features

C++ backend

The main major new feature of this version is the inclusion of a C++ implementation of context tree and VLMC construction. A new option mixvlmc.backend can be used to switch globally from the original "R" implementation to the new "C++" back end. A new backend parameter has been added to ctx_tree(), vlmc() and tune_vlmc() to enable local back end selection.

The C++ implementation is significantly faster than the R implementation, at least by a factor 10. While it has been thoroughly tested, it is still considered experimental notably because it does not apply to COVLMC (setting the global option to "C++" has not effect on COVLMC model construction). For context trees and VLMC, results should not depend on the back end, at least within numerical precision. The only notable difference is the ordering of the contexts which differs between back ends: in a call to contexts(), the first context for the R back end will generally not be the first context for the C++ back end.

Other new features

Minor improvements and bug fixes

mixvlmc 0.1.1

mixvlmc 0.1.0