mapbayr 0.10.0

New features

Model averaging

Prediction-corrected Visual Predictive Checks

Minor changes and Bug Fixes

mapbayr 0.9.0

New features

Data Helpers

Below Limit of Quantification

Estimation features

Minor changes and bug fixes

mapbayr 0.8.0

New features

Minor changes


Bug fixes

mapbayr 0.7.3

mapbayr 0.7.2

mapbayr 0.7.1

mapbayr 0.7.0

Breaking changes

Model examples

The example models system was totally re-thought around a new function: exmodel(). It now embeds several models that were used in the validation study, with a small corresponding dataset that can be loaded automatically (the default). They are used in multiple places inside the package, especially in tests and examples. More models could be added in the future.


Bug fixes

mapbayr 0.6.0

This version of mapbayr introduces several features that aim to express uncertainty around the point estimate. Please note that the results of these functions were not validated vs a gold-standard software such as NONMEM. This is why they are referred as “experimental features” in the following subsections. They are exported with the objective to ease their future validation, and to provide a very rough idea of the estimation uncertainty.

Breaking changes

Experimental features

New exports



mapbayr 0.5.0



mapbayr 0.4.1

mapbayr 0.4

mapbayr 0.3

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mapbayr 0.2.2

mapbayr 0.2.1

mapbayr 0.2.0