loo 2.7.0

Major changes

Other changes

loo 2.6.0

New features

Bug fixes

loo 2.5.1

loo 2.5.0


Bug fixes

loo 2.4.1

loo 2.4.0

Bug fixes

New features

loo 2.3.1

loo 2.3.0

loo 2.2.0

loo 2.1.0

loo 2.0.0

This is a major release with many changes. Whenever possible we have opted to deprecate rather than remove old functionality, but it is possible that old code that accesses elements inside loo objects by position rather than name may error.

loo 1.1.0

loo 1.0.0

loo 0.1.6

loo 0.1.5

loo 0.1.4

This update makes it easier for other package authors using loo to write tests that involve running the loo function. It also includes minor bug fixes and additional unit tests. Highlights:

loo 0.1.3

This update provides several important improvements, most notably an alternative method for specifying the pointwise log-likelihood that reduces memory usage and allows for loo to be used with larger datasets. This update also makes it easier to to incorporate loo’s functionality into other packages.

loo 0.1.2

loo 0.1.1

loo 0.1.0