lbfgsb3c 2024-3.3 changes

lbfgsb3c 2020-3.3 changes

lbfgsb3c 2020-3.2 prior changes and information

To do

Add test using a plain C function for optimization. lbfgsb3c is supposed to handle this.

2019-03-19 o Packages lbfgsb3 and lbfgsb3c merged into latter. Vignette added. o Suppressed printout when trace>2 and starting (f not defined)

2015-01-20 o Fixup line longer than 72 chars in lbfgsb.f. Undeclared integer itask in errclb subroutine. Thanks to Berend Hasselman.

New package lbfgsb3 2014.7.31