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Efficient Modelling of Landscape Connectivity, Habitat, and Protected Area Networks

Given a landscape resistance surface, creates grains of connectivity and minimum planar graph models that can be used to calculate effective distances for landscape connectivity at multiple scales. This is a cross-platform reimplementation and update of the grainscape package (

To cite grainscape in publications, see citation("grainscape").




From GitHub

  1. Install development libraries: building packages from source requires the appropriate development libraries for your operating system. See here for more details.

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Reporting bugs

Contact us via the package GitHub site:


This Git repository uses the Git Flow branching model (the git flow extension is useful for this). The development branch contains the latest contributions and other code that will appear in the next release, and the main branch contains the code of the latest release, which is exactly what is currently on CRAN.

To make a contribution to the package, just send a pull request. When you send your PR, make sure development is the destination branch on the grainscape repository. Your PR should pass R CMD check --as-cran, which will also be checked by GitHub Actions when the PR is submitted.