ggformula 0.10.4

ggformula 0.10.2

ggformula 0.10.0

ggformula 0.9.4

ggformula 0.9.3

ggformula 0.9.2

ggformula 0.9.1

This release includes a few minor improvements, including

ggformula 0.9.0

ggformula 0.8.0

ggformula 0.7.0

ggformula 0.6.2

ggformula 0.6.1

Minor update primarily to support vignette data sets moving from StatisticalModeling to mosaicModel.

ggformula 0.6.0

Mostly minor changes:

ggformula 0.5.0

For version 0.5, the internals of ggformula have been largely redesigned to allow implementation of some new features. The new version relies much less on string parsing.

ggformula 0.4.0

Version 0.4.0 constitutes a stable beta release. Changes to the API are still possible, but more likely future changes will focus on expansion of the suite of functions supplied, changes to the internal implementation, and improved documentation.