The goal of geodaData is to store sample spatial datasets. These datasets are intended to be used to teach basic spatial analysis concepts. They are used in the weekly R Spatial Workshop at the Center for Spatial Data Science at UChicago, and are based off of the GeoDa workbook and data site developed by Luc Anselin and team. Datasets are stored in the sf spatial object format.


You can install the development version of geodaData from GitHub with:

# install.packages("remotes")


To use geodaData in a workshop, first load sf, then load the package:

library(sf) # can use without sf, but datasets will print weirdly in console

Find a list of all datasets in geodaData with:

data(package = "geodaData")

You can load a specific dataset into your R environment and show the metadata for it:


Instructions for adding a new dataset to this package can be found in the Wiki of this repository.


Current datasets included in this package:

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