electionsBR 0.4.0

In this new minor release, we unified the functions to download and clean electoral data using a few improved internal functions. In addition to that, we also added support to get data from CepespData’s API (cepespdata.io), which allows users to download electoral data from 1998 to 2018. With this update, we hope the package will be more robust and easier to maintain.

Major changes

Fixes and improvements

electionsBR 0.3.2

This is a minor update fixing the functions to download and clean electoral data by voting sections in municipal elections. We also added support to continuous integrations tests with GitHub Actions.

electionsBR 0.3.2

This is a long due minor update that (1) fixes a few bugs and improve a couple of functions, and (2) adds new functions and document others better.

electionsBR 0.3.1

This is a minor update with bug fixes and some improvements.

electionsBR 0.3.0

We changed central aspects of the package, which affected all the functions in it (but without compromising backward compatibility). Beyond that, in this update we did our best to make the package more user friendly: we created a vignette, included more options to filter and customize functions’ outputs, and added more specific functions (including one to easily export electoral data). With this new update, the package also gained a website. Overall, this is what we did:

electionsBR 0.2.0