Distance Sampling Survey Design

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dssd is a package for designing distance sampling surveys. It provides a number of designs including systematic point transect, parallel line transect, zigzag line transect and segment line transect designs.

Using dssd

There are two vignettes within the dssd package to help you get started using dssd: - GettingStarted: “Getting Started with dssd” - MultiStrataVignette: “Multiple Strata in dssd”

Getting dssd

We typically aim to keep dssd on CRAN, so it can be readily installed from within R-Studio or the R interface. However, at present there is an issue that prevents this. Therefore to obtain dssd at present, please use the following code.

  # First, ensure you have a copy of the `devtools` package:
  if (!nzchar(system.file(package = "devtools"))) install.packages("devtools")
  # then install `dssd` from github:
  devtools::install_github("DistanceDevelopment/dssd", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Troubleshooting tip

During installation of packages, you may get the message “These packages have more recent versions available. It is recommended to update all of them. Which would you like to update?” and then a list of packages. We recommend you typically choose the option “CRAN packages only”. Note you may then get the message that some packages cannot be installed because they are already loaded. In this case, a solution may be to note which packages these are, to open an R console (rather than R Studio) and to use the Packages | Update packages menu option (or the update.packages function) to update these packages.