deeptime 1.1.1

deeptime now requires rlang version 1.1.0 or higher. This patch version includes several bug fixes:

deeptime 1.1.0

deeptime now requires ggplot2 version 3.4.0 or higher. This version introduces several new features and bug fixes:

Notable changes:

deeptime 1.0.1

deeptime 1.0.0

deeptime 0.3.0

deeptime now requires ggplot2 version 3.3.0 or higher. Several new features and fixed compatibility with various ggplot2 versions.

deeptime 0.2.3

deeptime 0.2.2

deeptime 0.2.1

Updated built-in timescales

deeptime 0.2.0

Several new features and bug fixes.

deeptime 0.1.0

First minor release (released on CRAN!)

deeptime 0.0.6

Several bug fixes and minor features.

deeptime 0.0.5

Added coord_geo(), which is a coordinate system for ggplot2 that allows for adding highly customized timescales to ggplot objects. Both gggeo_scale() and gggeo_scale_old are preserved but will receive notably less maintenance moving forward.

deeptime 0.0.4

ggarrange2() now accepts geo_scale objects and other grobified ggplots

deeptime 0.0.3

Minor release for bug fixes

deeptime 0.0.2

Complete redesign of gggeo_scale() that adds the scale outside of the plotting space using gtable. The old version of gggeo_scale() is preserved as gggeo_scale_old().

deeptime 0.0.1

First full release. Adds scale onto the bottom of a ggplot.