Distance Based Measures of Spatial Structures

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dbmss is an R package for simple computation of spatial statistic functions of distance to characterize the spatial structures of mapped objects, including classical ones (Ripley’s K and others) and more recent ones used by spatial economists (Duranton and Overman’s Kd, Marcon and Puech’s M). It relies on spatstat for some core calculation.


A quick introduction is in vignette("dbmss").

A full documentation is available on the package website. It is a continuous update of the paper published in the Journal of Statistical Software (Marcon et al., 2015).


Marcon, E., Traissac, S., Puech, F. and Lang, G. (2015). Tools to Characterize Point Patterns: dbmss for R. Journal of Statistical Software. 67(3): 1-15.