csodata quick start guide



This guide provides a basic overview of the use of the csodata package for new users. Install (if necessary) and load the package:

# # Install or update the package:
# install.packages("csodata")


Table of Contents

A list of all the table available on the cso StatBank can be downloaded with cso_get_toc. You can search throught the title field using cso_search_toc. (A “Loaded cached toc” or “Loaded cached data” message indicates that the data was retrieved from the cache, instead of being downloaded again.)

toc <- cso_get_toc()
#> [1] "Warning: Failed retrieving table of contents. Please check internet connection and that data.cso.ie is online"

Downloading Data

To download a dataset, use cso_get_data and include a table code from the table of contents.

tbl1 <- cso_get_data("PEA19")

Metadata can be also downloaded or displayed to console:

meta1 <- cso_get_meta("CDP06")
#> *** METADATA ***
#> CSO Table = Annual Estimated Net Migration 1951 to 2011 per 1,000 of Average Population
#> Units = Number
#> Copyright = Central Statistics Office, Ireland
#> Time interval in data = Intercensal Period
#> Are these statistics experimental? -FALSE
#> Date last modified = 2020-10-30T11:00:00Z
#> Variables:
#> [1] "Intercensal Period" "Province or County" "Year"
#> Statistics:
#> [1] "Annual Estimated Net Migration 1951 to 2011 per 1,000 of Average Population"
#> Geographic Data:
#> [1] FALSE

Geographic Data

Geographic vector data in ESRI shapefile format can be downloaded for use in mapping. This is a map of county councils and other local authorities in Ireland, there are many other maps available.

shp <- cso_get_geo("County Councils")
#> Warning in cso_get_geo("County Councils"): There is an issue with the county
#> cork geometry. This is being investigated.
#> Reading layer `2019_Local_Authorities' from data source 
#>   `C:\Users\crowleyco\AppData\Local\Temp\RtmpEpNVav\2019_Local_Authorities.shp' 
#>   using driver `GeoJSON'
#> Simple feature collection with 31 features and 2 fields
#> Geometry type: MULTIPOLYGON
#> Dimension:     XY
#> Bounding box:  xmin: -10.68088 ymin: 51.41991 xmax: -5.996287 ymax: 55.44662
#> Geodetic CRS:  WGS 84

This data can be plotted using the leaflet package. Here we plot the outline of each region.

# install.packages("leaflet")

leaflet(shp) %>% 
  addTiles() %>%