clarifai: R Client for the Clarifai API

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Find out what is in a (moving) image with perhaps the best off-the-shelf solution: Clarifai provides descriptors for images along with how confident it is about each of the descriptors. It is a bit magical. (See also the 2013 ImageNet LSVR Classification Results.)


To get the current released version from CRAN:


To get the current development version from GitHub:

devtools::install_github("soodoku/clarifai", build_vignettes = TRUE)

To learn about how to use clarifai, see using_clarifai (html version) or analyzing instagram accounts of politicians (html version). There are lots of other interesting ways you can use clarifai. For instance, you can use clarifai for inferring gender of the speaker based on the first name.

You can also launch vignettes within R:

# Using clarifai
vignette("using_clarifai", package = "clarifai")
# Analyzing politician instagram accounts
vignette("poligrams", package = "clarifai")


Scripts are released under MIT License.

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