Check with real CRAN settings


Check your package with CRAN settings

When you send your package on CRAN, there are multiple options set before running the checks. Here we use the CRAN settings and way of managing incoming packages used for Linux in this function check_as_cran().

Scripts and options used are directly issued from the GitHub mirror repository of the CRAN machines:
Although check_as_cran() should run on any OS, it will run CRAN parameters originally set up for Linux machines.

In the check_output directory, you will get the same outputs, in the same format as used by CRAN, for the pre-test of incoming packages.

#' \dontrun{
# This runs a check of the current package
# Directory to store the check outputs
check_output <- tempfile("example")
# Check the current package
check_as_cran(check_output = check_output)
# Open directory with all outputs
#' }