cdgd: Causal Decomposition of Group Disparities

The framework of causal decomposition of group disparities developed by Yu and Elwert (2023) <doi:10.48550/arXiv.2306.16591>. This package implements the decomposition estimators that are based on efficient influence functions. For the nuisance functions of the estimators, both parametric and nonparametric options are provided, as well as manual options in case the default models are not satisfying.

Version: 0.3.5
Depends: R (≥ 4.0.0)
Imports: caret (≥ 6.0.0)
Suggests: gbm (≥ 2.1.8), nnet (≥ 7.3.0), ranger (≥ 0.14.1)
Published: 2024-04-15
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.cdgd
Author: Ang Yu ORCID iD [aut, cre, cph] (<>)
Maintainer: Ang Yu <ang_yu at>
License: MIT + file LICENSE
NeedsCompilation: no
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