The banffIT package provides functions to assign standardized diagnoses using the Banff Classification (Category 1 to 6 diagnoses, including Acute and Chronic active T-cell mediated rejection as well as Active, Chronic active, and Chronic antibody mediated rejection). The main function banff_launcher()considers a minimal dataset containing biopsies information in a specific format (described by a data dictionary), verifies its content and format (based on the data dictionary), assigns diagnoses, and creates a summary report.

Main functionality

Download section

also available in R using get_banff_dictionary()

also available in R using get_banff_template()

also available in R using get_banff_example()

Get started

Install the package and use the example file

# To install banffIT

# If you need help with the package, please use:

# use example
input_file = system.file("extdata", "example.xlsx", package = "banffIT")
  input_file = input_file,
  output_folder = tempdir(), # 'folder_path/example'
  language = 'label:en',
  option_filter = adequacy == 1,
  detail = TRUE)