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audubon is Japanese text processing tools for:

Some features above are not implemented in ‘ICU’ (i.e., the stringi package), and the goal of the audubon package is to provide these additional features.




Fill Japanese iteration marks (Odori-ji)

strj_fill_iter_mark repeats the previous character and replaces the iteration marks if the element has more than 5 characters. You can use this feature with strj_normalize or strj_rewrite_as_def.

#> [1] "あいうううかき"  "金子みすず"     "のたりたりかな"  "しろじろとした"

strj_fill_iter_mark("いすゞエルフトラック") |>
#> [1] "いすずエルフトラック"

Character class conversion

Character class conversion uses hakatashi/japanese.js.

#> [1] "あのいーはとーゔぉのすきとおった風"
#> [1] "アノイーハトーヴォノスキトオッタ風"
#> [1] "anoīhatōvonosukitōtta"

Segmentation by phrase

strj_tokenize splits Japanese text into some phrases using google/budoux, TinySegmenter, or other tokenizers.

strj_tokenize("あのイーハトーヴォのすきとおった風", engine = "budoux")
#> $`1`
#> [1] "あの"             "イーハトーヴォの" "すきとおった"     "風"

Japanese text normalization

strj_normalize normalizes text following the rule based on NEologd style.

strj_normalize("――南アルプスの 天然水- Sparking* Lemon+ レモン一絞り")
#> [1] "ー南アルプスの天然水-Sparking* Lemon+レモン一絞り"

strj_rewrite_as_def is an R port of SudachiCharNormalizer that typically normalizes characters following a ’*.def’ file.

audubon package contains several ’*.def’ files, so you can use them or write a ‘rewrite.def’ file by yourself as follows.

# single characters will **never** be normalized.
# if two characters are separated with a tab,
# left side forms are always rewritten to right side forms
# before normalized.
斎   斉
齋   斉
齊   斉
# supports rewriting a single character to a single character,
# i.e., this cannot work.
アッ  ア

This feature is more powerful than stringi::stri_trans_* because it allows users to control which characters are normalized. For instance, this function can be used to convert kyuji-tai characters to shinji-tai characters.

#> [1] "Xiv"
#> [1] "Ⅹⅳ"
strj_rewrite_as_def("惡と假面のルール", read_rewrite_def(system.file("def/kyuji.def", package = "audubon")))
#> [1] "悪と仮面のルール"


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