Plotting Age-Depth Aodels


Plotting age-depth models

This vignette describes the plotting options for plotting age-depth models.

Simple age-depth models (class “adm”)

As example, we use the age-depth model taken 4 km offshore in a carbonate platform modeled using CarboCAT Lite (Burgess 2013, 2023). This data is provided with the package.

adm = tp_to_adm(t = CarboCATLite_data$time_myr,
                h = CarboCATLite_data$height_4_km_offshore_m,
                L_unit = "m",
                T_unit = "Myr")

The adm can be directly plotted using the standard plotcomman from R. It can be modified using the arguments listed under ?plot.adm

     lwd_destr = 1,
     lty_destr = 4,
     col_destr = "blue",
     lwd_acc = 1,
     lty_acc = 1,
     col_acc = "black")

Here the prefixes lwd, lty, and col stand for line width, line type, and color respectively. The suffix destr is for destructive intervals, the suffix acc for intervals with sediment accumulation.

Adding axis labels

Axis lables can be added using the functions T_axis_lab (axis label of time axis) and L_axis_lab (length axis label). By default, they use the units associated with the age-depth model object. This behavior can be overwritten using the labeland unit options. For more details, see the help page under ?T_axis_lab and L_axis_lab. As example, we plot only accumulating parts, and add axis labels.

     lty_destr = 0,
     lwd_acc = 3)
T_axis_lab(label = "Elapsed Model Time")
L_axis_lab(label = "Stratigraphic Height")

## Multiple age-depth models (class “multiadm”)