Systematic comparison of trip distribution laws and models

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1 Short description

The main purpose of the TDLM’s package is to propose a rigorous framework to fairly compare trip distribution laws and models as described in Lenormand et al. (2016). This general framework is based on a two-step approach to generate mobility flows by separating the trip distribution law, gravity or intervening opportunities, from the modeling approach used to generate the flows from this law.

2 Install

The package TDLM can be installed with the following command line in R session:

From the CRAN


or from GitHub

# install.packages("devtools")
devtools::install_github("EpiVec/TDLM", build_vignettes = TRUE)

3 Tutorial

A tutorial vignette is available here.

4 Dependencies

TDLM depends on Ecume, mathjaxr, Rdpack, readr, rmarkdown and sf.

5 Citation

Lenormand M (2023) TDLM: An R package for a systematic comparison of trip distribution laws and models. Journal of Open Source Software 8, 5434.

6 Contribution instructions

Please feel free to open an issue if you encounter a problem with the package.

You can also reach me at maxime.lenormand[at]