Structure for Organizing Monte Carlo Simulation Designs


To install the latest stable version of the package from CRAN, please use the following in your R console:


To install the Github version of the package with devtools, type the following (assuming you have already installed the devtools package from CRAN).


Getting started

For a discription pertaining to the philosophy and general workflow of the package it is helpful to first read through the following: Chalmers, R. Philip, Adkins, Mark C. (2020) Writing Effective and Reliable Monte Carlo Simulations with the SimDesign Package, The Quantitative Methods for Psychology, 16(4), 248-280. doi: 10.20982/tqmp.16.4.p248

Coding examples found within this article range from relatively simple (e.g., a re-implementation of one of Hallgren’s (2013) simulation study examples, as well as possible extensions to the simulation design) to more advanced real-world simulation experiments (e.g., Flora and Curran’s (2004) simulation study). For additional information and instructions about how to use the package please refer to the examples in the associated Github wiki.