Test and item analysis via shiny

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ShinyItemAnalysis is an R package including functions and interactive shiny application for the psychometric analysis of educational tests, psychological assessments, health-related and other types of multi-item measurements, or ratings from multiple raters. Offered methods include:

Number of toy datasets is available, the interactive application also allows the users to upload and analyze their own data and to automatically generate PDF or HTML reports.

ShinyItemAnalysis is available online at Czech Academy of Sciences and It can be also downloaded from CRAN. Visit our web page about ShinyItemAnalysis to learn more!


The easiest way to get ShinyItemAnalysis is to install it from CRAN:


Click here for more information about installing versions 1.4.0+

From ShinyItemAnalysis version 1.4.0 on, only the most necessary package dependencies are installed out of the box. You may be prompted later on to install additional packages ensuring a smooth run of the interactive application. To install everything straight out, use rather:

install.packages("ShinyItemAnalysis", dependencies = TRUE)

Or you can get the newest development version from GitHub:

if(!require(remotes)) install.package("remotes")


Current version available on CRAN is 1.5.1. The newest development version available on GitHub is 1.5.1.
Version available online at Czech Academy of Sciences is 1.5.1. Version available online at is 1.5.1.


It is very easy to run ShinyItemAnalysis in R:

# or

Or if you are an RStudio IDE user, simply click on Run ShinyItemAnalysis in Addins menu (located at the end of the toolbar). Last but not least, you can also try the app directly online at Czech Academy of Sciences or!


When using ShinyItemAnalysis software, we appreciate if you include a reference in your publications. To cite the software, please, use:

Martinková P., & Hladká A. (2023) Computational Aspects of Psychometric Methods: With R. (1st ed.). Chapman and Hall/CRC. doi: 10.1201/9781003054313. ISBN 9781003054313.

Martinková P., & Drabinová A. (2018) ShinyItemAnalysis for teaching psychometrics and to enforce routine analysis of educational tests. The R Journal, 10(2), 503-515. doi: 10.32614/RJ-2018-074.

Czech speakers can also refer to paper in journal Testforum.

Getting help and provide feedback

If you find any bug or just need help with ShinyItemAnalysis you can leave your message as an GitHub issue or directly contact us at We warmly encourage you to provide your feedback using Google form.


This program is free software and you can redistribute it and or modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL 3.