Introduction to Rediscover

We present Rediscover, an R package to identify mutually exclusive genomic events. It reimplements a privious R package (Discover) whose main contribution is a statistical analysis based on the Poisson-Binomial distribution that takes into account that some samples are more mutated than others. Rediscover is much faster than the discover implementation.


Rediscover can be installed from CRAN repository:



The package library has two main parts:

The second step is the estimation of the p-values using these probabilities and the number of samples where two genes are co-altered. Rediscover offers different functions depending on the desired study:

Rediscover also provides a function to integrate its usage with maftools and TCGAbiolinks. Specifically, we added to the function somaticInteractions from maftools our analyses based on the Poisson-Binomial distribution resulting in a new function called discoversomaticInteractions.