RLumCarlo: Monte-Carlo Methods for Simulating Luminescence Phenomena

A collection of functions to simulate luminescence production in dosimetric materials using Monte Carlo methods. Implemented are models for delocalised transitions (e.g., Chen and McKeever (1997) <doi:10.1142/2781>), localised transitions (e.g., Pagonis et al. (2019) <doi:10.1016/j.jlumin.2018.11.024>) and tunnelling transitions (Jain et al. (2012) <doi:10.1088/0953-8984/24/38/385402> and Pagonis et al. (2019) <doi:10.1016/j.jlumin.2018.11.024>). Supported stimulation methods are thermal luminescence (TL), continuous-wave optically stimulated luminescence (CW-OSL), linearly-modulated optically stimulated luminescence (LM-OSL), linearly-modulated infrared stimulated luminescence (LM-IRSL), and isothermal luminescence (ITL or ISO-TL).

Version: 0.1.9
Depends: R (≥ 4.1), utils, magrittr
Imports: abind (≥ 1.4-5), doParallel (≥ 1.0.17), foreach (≥ 1.5.2), khroma (≥ 1.9.0), methods, parallel, Rcpp (≥ 1.0.9), scatterplot3d (≥ 0.3), stats
LinkingTo: Rcpp (≥ 1.0.9), RcppArmadillo (≥
Suggests: spelling (≥ 2.2), R.rsp (≥ 0.45.0), testthat (≥ 3.1.4)
Published: 2022-08-08
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.RLumCarlo
Author: Johannes Friedrich ORCID iD [aut, trl], Sebastian Kreutzer ORCID iD [aut, trl, cre], Vasilis Pagonis ORCID iD [aut], Christoph Schmidt ORCID iD [aut], Christian Laag ORCID iD [ctb], Ena Rajovic [ctb], Alex Roy Duncan [ctb]
Maintainer: Sebastian Kreutzer <sebastian.kreutzer at uni-heidelberg.de>
Contact: Package Developer Team <sebastian.kreutzer@uni-heidelberg.de>
BugReports: https://github.com/R-Lum/RLumCarlo/issues
License: GPL-3
URL: https://CRAN.R-project.org/package=RLumCarlo
NeedsCompilation: yes
Language: en-GB
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