MazamaSpatialUtils 0.2.0

Version 0.2.x is a refactoring to accommodate MazamaSpatialUtils 0.8 which is based on the sf package rather than sp. As much as possible, the suite of functions and arguments will remain the same.

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.1.2

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.1.1

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.1.0

First user-ready release of the package. While still in development, enough functionality exists for outside users to start using the stateMap() and countyMap() functions.

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.10

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.9

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.8

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.7

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.6

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.5

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.4

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.3

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.2

MazamaSpatialPlots 0.0.1