Data Import Check-list

Before using the function moimport, users need to check the dataset to see if it meets the following requirements:

  1. The dataset is placed in the first worksheet of the excel file and contains only molecular data,

  2. Sample IDs are placed in the first column,

  3. Marker labels are placed in the first row,

  4. Sample IDs and marker labels must be unique,

  5. Entries which contain word or sentences are removed from data,

  6. Metadata columns are placed between sample IDs and molecular marker columns.

  7. In case of multiple worksheet dataset, all worksheets need to meet the above requirements (except 1.).

  8. In case of transposed datasets, columns will be swapped with rows.

Note : The sample ID must not be confused with the patient’s ID, the former refers to a particular sample taken from a patient, the latter to a unique patient. Several sample IDs can have the same patient’s ID.

Note : In case of multiple-worksheet datasets, all marker labels across all worksheets need to be unique.