LDATS Codebase

Juniper L. Simonis


This vignette outlines the code base for the LDATS package. It was constructed using LDATS version 0.3.0 on 2023-09-18.


To obtain the most recent version of LDATS, install the most recent version from GitHub:


Analytical Pipeline

The full LDATS analysis can be executed using the LDA_TS function, which is the top-level of the coding pipeline’s hierarchy of functions:

Each component model’s function (LDA_set() and TS()) can be run independently, as well.

Controls Lists

To minimize the length of argument lists and facilitate simple default usage throughout the pipeline, we implement an options/controls list approach, where each of the main functions (LDA_TS, LDA_set, and TS) and its subfunctions have a control argument that takes a list to replace the defaults returned by its _control function: