DatastreamDSWS2R 1.9.7

Update 1.9.5

Handle upload of daily series that begin on a weekend better

Update 1.9.3

Hold the number of DSWS requests and chunks after each data request

Update 1.8.1

Change server URLs to https. Fix issue # 39

Update 1.7.9

Internal changes to package to make it pass CRAN checks and policies.

Update 1.7.5

Improvement in handling of Token Callback function.

Update 1.7.4

Fix for Issues #37 - charToDate error raised when list request had mixture of dates and character “NA”"

Update 1.7.2

Fix for Issues #20 - requesting token after http 403 response

Update 1.7.1

Fix for Issue #28 - callback function for getting token

Update 1.6.6

Fix for Issues #26 and #27

Update 1.6.3

Handle lower case RIC codes.

Update 1.6.2

Improve documentation and return Instrument column in snapshot requests.

Update 1.6.1

Added handling of composite datatypes which return multiple values.

Update 1.5.1

With this update we have switched from using the RCurl/rjson to using the httr/jsonlite packages for communicating with the Datastream server.


Thank you to @mbannert for his work making the package ready to be released on CRAN.