tfrmt 0.1.0

New features: * Improved column alignment capabilities (via col_style_plan). Alignment options now fall into two types: character (type = “char”) and positional (type = “pos”). Positional alignment is new and allows for aligning across multiple positions. * Add page_plan for splitting tables across multiple pages * Add ability to add a group/label header via the col_plan

Breaking changes: * Name of the list component inside row_grp_plan that stores row_grp_structures has been changed from “struct_ls” to “struct_list” to be consistent with other objects. This may impact compatibility with JSON files created using prior versions of {tfrmt}.

Bug fixes: * frmt_combine no longer throws error if group variable is named “var” * row_grp_plan with post-space no longer throws error if character column contains NA values

tfrmt 0.0.3

tfrmt 0.0.2