This vignette outlines how to conduct rainfall–runoff simulations with TELEMAC-2D using the telemac R package as interface. This demonstration reproduces the pluie example that comes with the TELEMAC code. The case study along with the rainfall–runoff routine and how to use TELEMAC-2D with dynamic rainfall is described by Ligier (2016).

TELEMAC-2D initialisation

Make sure the following packages are installed and load them. In addition, we define the path to a directory where the TELEMAC-2D runs shall be conducted (default is a temporary directory).


path_proj <- tempdir()

The study area will be simple square of 100 x 100 m^2 and the model mesh consists of triangles with a maximum area of 4 m^2.

tin_obj <- tin(list(boundary = data.frame(x = c(0, 100, 100,    0),
                                          y = c(0,   0, 100,  100))),
               s = 2, a = 4, q = 30)
plot(tin_obj, pch = ".")