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The telemac package provides an interface to the integrated suite of solvers for free-surface modelling TELEMAC-MASCARET. In its current state the primary focus is on the module for 2-D hydrodynamic modelling (TELEMAC-2D). The package provides a number of functions to assist the user in the pre- and post-processing of TELEMAC-2D simulations.


The package is available on CRAN and can be installed via


To install the latest development version the most convenient way is to compile and install it in R via the tidyverse package:

# install.packages("devtools")



The package basically provides a number of functions to setup a TELEMAC-2D project:

Each function generates an object t2d_* incorporating the specific information, e.g. the output of tin() is an object of class t2d_tin with information defining the TIN for generating the model mesh.

After writing the model setup to disk using write_t2d() the model can be run either manually or using function simulate_t2d() (the latter should only be used for small test configurations). In the following the results can be imported with results() for further investigation.

The package contains a number of further functionalities to support the user with various processing steps, e.g. plot() methods for each object for ad-hoc investigation or tin2grid() to interpolate the TIN-based mesh values to a regular grid, etc.


To illustrate the functionalities of the package two vignettes exist so far:

More examples and further advices can also be found in the function documentations within R.