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The goal of planr is to provide some functions for the activity of Demand & Supply Planning and S&OP process.

A few functions to calculate projected inventories and coverages, and more :

Allows to calculate quickly the projected inventories and coverages: for a SKU, a group of SKUs, or at an aggregated level (a Product Family for example).

Allows to calculate the projected inventories and coverages, and also to analyze the projected values based on some parameters (targeted stocks min & Max).

Useful to filter the data later on and spot which SKU is below the safety stock or in an overstock situation. We easily can identify when it will be in this situation, and how much, compared to those thresholds.

Allows to calculate the projected inventories and coverages, as well as the Constrained Demand, which is the Demand which can be delivered, considering the actual projected inventories.

Useful to provide to a customer (or a receiving entity) the actual Demand which can be fulfilled, and then to calculate the impact on their side.

For example if an Entity 1 supplies and Entity 2 : the Constrained Demand of the Entity 1 becomes the possible Supply Plan to the Entity 2. We then can calculate the expected projected inventories of the Entity 2.

Another usage can be to manage some Allocations : we capture in the initial Demand the full potential of Sales, and based on the projected inventories, we get the Constrained Demand.

A function to calculate a Replenishment Plan (also called DRP : Distribution Requirement Planning)

Based on some parameters (safety stocks, frequency of supply, minimum order quantity) allows to calculate a Replenishment Plan for an entity, for example at a Distributor level, and Affiliate, a Regional Distribution Center,…

Also useful in the scope of the S&OP (Sales & Operations Planning) process, to calculate a theoretical, unconstrained, Replenishment Plan.

A function to convert the Demand from Monthly to Weekly buckets

Allows to convert a Demand initially in Monthly buckets into Weekly buckets.

By default, it assumes that the Demand is evenly distributed for each week (i.e. 25% of the Demand for each week of the month).

We often generate monthly sales forecasts, and want to express this quantity into weekly bucket, to use it later on for the calculation of weekly projected inventories or a DRP for example.


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