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Lazy SQL programming.

Helper functions to build SQL statements under program control for use with dbGetQuery or dbSendQuery. They are intended to increase speed of coding and to reduce coding errors. Arguments are carefully checked, in particular SQL identifiers such as names of tables or columns.

Currently implemented are:

More patterns will be added as required.



date1 <- as.Date("2016-02-22")
date2 <- as.Date("2016-02-11")

# SQL expression for date range
(sql_expr1 <- lazysql::date_between("STD_1", c(date1, date2)))
#> [1] "STD_1 between to_date('2016-02-11', 'yyyy-mm-dd') and to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd')"

# SQL expression for single date
(sql_expr2 <- lazysql::date_between("STD_1", date1))
#> [1] "STD_1 between to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd') and to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd')"

# sample SQL statements
paste("select * from TEST_TABLE where", sql_expr1)
#> [1] "select * from TEST_TABLE where STD_1 between to_date('2016-02-11', 'yyyy-mm-dd') and to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd')"

paste("select * from TEST_TABLE where", sql_expr2)
#> [1] "select * from TEST_TABLE where STD_1 between to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd') and to_date('2016-02-22', 'yyyy-mm-dd')"


# SQL expressions
lazysql::in_condition("COL_1", 1:3)
#> [1] "COL_1  in (1, 2, 3)"

lazysql::in_condition("COL_1", 1:3, "not")
#> [1] "COL_1 not in (1, 2, 3)"

lazysql::in_condition("COL_1", LETTERS[2:3])
#> [1] "COL_1  in ('B', 'C')"

lazysql::in_condition("COL_1", LETTERS[2:3], "not")
#> [1] "COL_1 not in ('B', 'C')"


# SQL expression
(sql_expr <- lazysql::natural_key(c("TAB1", "tab_2"),c("COL1", "col_2")))
#> [1] "TAB1.COL1 = tab_2.COL1 and TAB1.col_2 = tab_2.col_2"

# sample SQL JOIN statement
paste("select * from TAB1, TAB2 where", sql_expr)
#> [1] "select * from TAB1, TAB2 where TAB1.COL1 = tab_2.COL1 and TAB1.col_2 = tab_2.col_2"


Get the development version from github:

if (!"devtools" %in% installed.packages()) install.packages("devtools")

CRAN release is in preparation.

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