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The R package inlmisc is a collection of functions for creating high-level graphics, performing raster-based analysis, processing MODFLOW-based models, selecting subsets using a genetic algorithm, creating interactive web maps, accessing color palettes, etc. Used to support packages and scripts written by researchers at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Idaho National Laboratory (INL) Project Office.


The current release is available on CRAN, which you can install using the following command:

install.packages("inlmisc", dependencies = TRUE)

To install the development version, you need to clone the repository and build from source, or run:

if (!requireNamespace("remotes")) install.packages("remotes")
remotes::install_github("USGS-R/inlmisc", dependencies = TRUE)


Examples are given in the package help pages. To access this documentation, run:

help(package = "inlmisc")


Jason C. Fisher (ORCID iD 0000-0001-9032-8912)

Suggested citation

To cite inlmisc in publications, please use:

Fisher, J.C., 2020, inlmisc—Miscellaneous functions for the U.S. Geological Survey Idaho National Laboratory Project Office: U.S. Geological Survey software release, R package, Reston, Va.


Please submit bug reports, suggestions, and pull requests to the issues tracker.

Package support

The Idaho National Laboratory Project Office of the USGS supports the development and maintenance of inlmisc. Resources are available primarily for maintenance and responding to user questions. Priorities on the development of new features are determined by the inlmisc development team.


This software has been approved for release by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). Although the software has been subjected to rigorous review, the USGS reserves the right to update the software as needed pursuant to further analysis and review. No warranty, expressed or implied, is made by the USGS or the U.S. Government as to the functionality of the software and related material nor shall the fact of release constitute any such warranty. Furthermore, the software is released on condition that neither the USGS nor the U.S. Government shall be held liable for any damages resulting from its authorized or unauthorized use.