finalsize 0.2

This is the second release of finalsize, and includes:

  1. The package’s C++ code for the solver algorithms has been moved from source files under src/ into headers under inst/include/
  2. The package includes a package header under inst/include called finalsize.h, which allows other Rcpp packages to link to finalsize and reuse the solver algorithms provided here.
  3. Three helper functions have been added to:
  4. Two new vignettes have been added which are intended to serve as contextual background information for users:
  5. Package infrastructure has been modified:
  6. Updated file to track changes to the package.


finalsize 0.1

Initial release of finalsize, an R package to calculate the final size of an epidemic in a population with demographic variation in social contacts and in susceptibility to infection.

This release includes: 1. A choice of equation solver functions. 2. 100% code coverage, 3. A basic usage vignette, and two advanced vignettes, 4. Example data from the POLYMOD dataset obtained using the socialmixr R package, 5. Workflows to render the vignettes and README as a website.